How to become a better writer

<a href=Stephen King’s On Writing is one of the best books on how to learn to write.”



If you want to become a better writer, there’s no shortage of books out there offering advice. But which ones do you buy? Here are 10 books that I would recommend. Some deal with writing in general; others specific types of writing. But all of the books contain sound practical advice  and explanations on everything from creating characters and writing dialogue to building a structure and making the language you use on the page come alive.


  1. On Writing by Stephen King


  1. Writing is My Drink by Theo Pauline Nestor


  1. Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg


  1. A Novel in a Year by Louise Doughty


5.Write Away by Elizabeth George


  1. Writing the Memoir by Judith Barrington


  1. The Memoir Project by Marion Roach Smith


  1. On Writing Well by William Zinsser


  1. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott


  1. The Art of Fiction by David Lodge

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