Writing and cooking

Greg in the kitchen at Leith's School of Food and Wine

Greg in the kitchen at Leith’s School of Food and Wine

Writing and cooking have much in common. You think about what you want to produce, take some words or ingredients, mix them together, fine tune here and there, and end up with a finished piece of writing or a delicious meal.

I find cooking every bit as creative as writing, and just as challenging. Standing over a hot pan in the kitchen is also a wonderful escape from sitting in front of an Apple Mac in my office.

For me, both writing and cooking are all about trying to touch people in different ways. When I write something, I want people to find it interesting, and when I cook I want people to enjoy the food. Of course, sometimes you can produce a flat piece of writing or cook a dud meal.

Some of my highlights over the past year have been attending cooking a number of classes, including one making ┬átapas at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and one making pizza at a farm above Sorrento in Italy. ┬áNot only have these classes taught me some of the skills in cooking, but they have also built up my confidence, something us amateur cooks need.

But with both writing and cooking you try and learn something from your mistakes and you try to get better. And if you make more mistakes you try again, like everything else in life.

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