Tapas in Beckenham


There have been so many Spanish restaurants and tapas bars opening in London in the last few years, that it’s easy to forget those that have been around for a long time, when Spanish food wasn’t so popular. One such place is El Molino, situated near the tram stop between Beckenham and Penge. It’s what you might call an old fashioned restaurant. Lots of dark wood, football shirts hanging above the bar, and posters of bull fighting competitions on the walls.

The restaurant was opened in 1991 by Cessar, specialising in the food from his homeland of Galicia in north-west Spain. Since then, he’s built up a loyal group of customers who enjoy both the food and the friendly welcome they always receive.

But now Cessar has decided to return home and in the next few weeks the restaurant will have a new owner, Amia, a young British guy with Iranian roots. He told me he wants to retain the best of what Cessar created during his twenty-four years, but he will make some small changes.

I’m delighted the restaurant is to continue, as there are very few places where you can eat Spanish food in this part of south-east London. And I wish Amia well in his new venture.

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